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April 12, 2018
Speaking Up at OMUN
Fifteen delegates from Branksome Hall were great representatives of our school at the recent Ontario Model United Nations (OMUN). The two-day conference, held at Upper Canada College, was a wonderful debating experience for all participants.

Branksome was joined by 33 other schools from across the GTA and together they discussed and debated a variety of issues, from DISEC (Disarmament and International Security) and the role of the UN Security Council to the G20, Arab League and NATO.

As part of the conference, “crisis” committees were formed, including two representing the USSR (1985) and the current Chinese Politburo. Students in these committees debated national and international issues that are not included in the mandate of the UN.

A “crisis” committee on Woodrow Wilson’s Cabinet (1912-17) was also formed. “It provided delegates with an opportunity to debate cooperation and conflict issues in a pre-League of Nations context,” says Jane Marshall, Model United Nations (MUN) Faculty Advisor.

Ms Marshall, along with Signy, Head Delegate and Grade 11 student, and Meaghan Higginson, MUN Faculty Advisor, were impressed with the clarity and focus of the resolutions passed by the committees.

Congratulations also goes to three Branksome students, Chloe (Japan DISEC), Fatemeh and Alex (France G20), who all received awards of excellence for fostering collaboration in resolution-building.

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